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Did you know that the Ford Mustang was developed on a shoestring budget and was an unexpected success? It was 1960s America, and Ford’s General Manager, Lee Iacocca, knew it was time to attract younger drivers. Iacocca challenged the Ford team to design a car on a tight budget and a lightning-fast deadline. The team delivered, and the Mustang made its debut at the 1965 World’s Fair. So, what does this have to do with The Faricy Boys Ford, your premier Colorado Ford Mach-E dealer? Oh, so much!

Ford projected selling about 100,000 Mustangs during its debut year, but dealers sold 22,000 models on the first day alone. The Mustang was an instant success and ignited a new fascination with pony cars. Since then, the Mustang has held its place as one of the most iconic cars in America and has captured the hearts of millions of drivers who appreciate the Mustang’s history and its incredible evolution over the years.

An orange 2021 Ford Mustang and a red Mach-E First Edition are shown in the driveway of a modern house.

While that evolution has been limited to the Mustang’s features and powertrains, Ford threw Americans a curveball with the debut of the Mustang Mach-E, an electric SUV that marks the first extension of the Mustang lineup in decades. Ford fans are enamored by this futuristic SUV that bears the Mustang name and have many questions like, “How will it stand up to its legendary nameplate?” As your Colorado Ford Mach-E dealer, we’re excited to show you everything the Mach-E has to offer and how it earns its place in the Mustang lineup.

An Icon for the Future: The Mustang Mach-E

A stunning and sophisticated speed demon, the 2021 Mach-E is the collision of the past with the present. The Mach-E represents the freedom, performance, and rebellion of the Mustang of decades past while setting its sights on an all-electric future with its electric powertrain that extends its capability and performance. It’s the introduction of a modern-day icon of the future - the Mustang of tomorrow.

The 2021 Mach-E is Ford’s first all-electric crossover and is powered by either a standard 75.7 kWh battery or a 98.8 kWh extended range battery, both of which work with an electric motor to deliver up to 480 horsepower and 634 lb-ft of instant torque. This instantaneous power makes the Mach-E quick to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds on the Mach-E GT Performance trim, which is an obvious nod to the power and capability of Mach-E’s namesake and its need for speed.

Along with its thirst for speed, the Mach-E delivers the most intuitive, cutting-edge technology available that extends from its electrifying drive modes to its next-generation SYNC infotainment system. The Mach-E offers three unique drive modes - Whisper, Engage, and Unbridled - that tailor the crossover’s steering, interior lighting, sounds, and cluster animations for a unique driving experience behind the wheel. Ford’s innovative SYNC 4 infotainment system is also one of the best in the segment and is housed on a 15.5-inch touchscreen display that gives you a clear view of everything you need from your smartphone apps to navigation and beyond.

The Mach-E is also the first in the Ford lineup to offer Phone As a Key technology that recognizes your smartphone as you approach the vehicle, unlocks the doors, and automatically syncs your phone without the need to ever take it out of your bag or pocket. As we said, this is the Mustang of the future.

A close up shows the pony logo on the trunk of a 2022 Mustang Mach-E Ice White Edition.

Mach-E Maintenance: Everything You Need to Know

One of the biggest parts of owning an EV like the Mach-E is learning how and where to charge the battery, which is how the vehicle operates. The Mach-E comes with a Ford Mobile Charger that’s compatible with either a 120-volt or 240-volt outlet. You can also purchase the Ford Connected Charge Station for your home, which is WiFi-enabled and charges your Mach-E overnight. When you’re on the road, you have access to thousands of charging stations nationwide via the Blue Oval Charge Network.

Charging your Mach-E’s battery is vital to the battery’s longevity and your mobility, but there’s more to owning and maintaining a Mach-E than that. You’ll find that maintenance on a Mach-E is much simpler than a traditional fuel-powered vehicle. This is because EVs like the Mach-E don’t have as many moving parts or fluids, which means you don’t have to worry about routine oil changes, spark plug replacements, or powertrain repair.

As with any vehicle, you’ll want to keep an eye on the Mach-E’s tires, have them rotated every 10,000 miles, and watch for uneven tread wear. Ford recommends having the brake fluid checked every three years, and the cabin air filter changed every 20,000 miles. Once you reach 150,000 miles, you’ll want to have the transmission fluid changed and, at 200,000 miles, you’ll need to have the coolant changed. Beyond this, you’ll find many issues are covered under Ford’s electric vehicle warranty, bumper-to-bumper coverage, and electric vehicle roadside assistance program.

A red 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E is shown from the side driving in a city after visiting a Colorado Ford Mach-E Dealer.

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