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Ford Bronco Dealer Near Me

We want to welcome everyone in the Canon City, Colorado region to visit The Faricy Boys Ford to experience the new Ford Bronco. After decades of the Bronco’s retirement, buyers are rapidly searching "Ford Bronco dealer near me" and flocking to dealership lots as the thrill of owning a revived generation of Bronco fever begins. Everyone loves the incredible 4x4 capability of the Bronco that is restoring the original spirit of the vehicle built to Go Over Any Terrain.

Here at The Faricy Boys Ford, we are excited to share all the latest details about the Bronco with newcomers and loyal customers alike because we love all the features Ford incorporated into the vehicle designed for seekers of outdoor adventure. The Bronco has had an interesting path to where it is today, and we can't wait to see where that path will lead it and you on your next adventure.

An orange 2022 Ford Bronco is shown from the front off-roading in the mountains.

History of the Ford Bronco

Not surprisingly, the Ford Bronco has its roots in old World War II Jeeps produced by Ford for the war effort. So many veterans returned to the States with the desire to own Jeeps that Ford saw an opportunity to provide them with transportation that could improve upon the stiff ride quality and discomfort of the interior. Ford sent memos to a planning team, who went to work on ideas for creating a new vehicle they code-named “Bronco.” Early planning began in 1963, and by 1965 the first Bronco was manufactured. In its first model year, the Bronco could be purchased in three body styles: roadster, sports utility, and wagon. The wagon was the most popular.

The intention for the Bronco was always to make it versatile for buyers. Ford wanted people to be able to use the vehicle as a family car and then be able to hook up a snow plow or haul farm supplies. It was the very first sports utility vehicle that could go anywhere like a Jeep but offered the kind of ride quality that would be more comfortable for daily travel. It quickly became favored for use in desert racing, with easy modification that allowed for such use, and it took home numerous trophies in its first few model years. After 1973, power steering and an automatic transmission made the Bronco easier to drive, and then more upgrades in 1978 shifted its design to use the same platform as the F Series trucks.

In the '80s, Ford scaled back the architecture of the Bronco to be lighter and smaller in favor of fuel efficiency. A new independent front suspension improved ride quality further for the Bronco’s third generation, and then the fourth generation made skid plates standard equipment in 1988. The Bronco’s last generation in the '90s brought new safety features and available upgrades like leather seats and power windows and door locks. Sadly, this generation lost the option for removing the hardtop for the first time in Bronco history, as the window-mounted brake light and three-point seat belts were required to be attached to the hardtop roof. 1996 was the last model year of the Bronco as it was replaced by the Ford Expedition in the lineup until Ford brought it back for its sixth generation in 2021.

A tan 2022 Ford Bronco is shown from a low angle parked in the woods after leaving a Ford Bronco dealer near you.

2022 Ford Bronco

Only in its second year since its reintroduction to the Ford lineup, the 2022 Bronco is already gaining attention with awards and adding new trims to widen the options for buyers. Standard four-wheel drive and a HOSS system for outstanding ride quality and capability are part of the attraction to owning a new Bronco. The Base Bronco is the perfect trim for those who want to build their own SUV, or buyers can choose one of seven other models created for specific terrain. G.O.A.T. modes come standard for selecting capability to match terrain, with up to seven available modes that can tackle anything from daily driving to rock climbing.

Every new Bronco has the flexibility to transform like the original, making it simple to remove the top and doors, but also customizable with modular parts that can be swapped out to suit how the Bronco will be driven. Accessories like rooftop tents and cargo management systems turn the 2022 Bronco into a remote base camp, and new models like the Everglades allow for water fording capability with a factory-installed snorkel. Excitement builds around the upcoming Bronco Raptor, which promises to be the most off-road-ready Bronco of all time.

The black cargo space in a 2022 Ford Bronco is shown.

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When you visit The Faricy Boys Ford, you’re getting 80 years of experience passed down through three generations of our family. Our grandfather, Owen Faricy, started his dealership in 1942 to serve the Pueblo, Colorado community, and the Faricy family is still proud to provide quality vehicles to all the communities we have grown to serve over the years. Since the first Faricy dealership opened, we have maintained a vision to be a business that earns trust from our neighbors through our integrity and honesty. Our customers know we have a policy of transparency in our pricing and in our messaging because we want to provide everyone with fair and honest relationships.

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