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Everyone wants the best that the market offers when finding the right vehicle, especially when you want an all-around great compact SUV that handles well and gives you plenty of great interior comfort features. The Ford Escape is one such vehicle, and those looking to get behind the wheel of one need a Ford Escape dealer with an extensive selection of vehicles and a knowledgeable staff. At The Faricy Boys Ford, we've been in the business a long time and know exactly what customers are looking for when it comes to buying new or used Ford vehicles, and that includes helping shoppers find the perfect deals on a Ford Escape.

We maintain an impressive selection of high-quality model year outings that are perfect for large families or solo commuters. Our vision for a great dealership has always been to provide customers with high-quality service, whether you step foot through our dealership doors or shop for your new Ford from home using our website. So when you want the best that Ford has to offer when it comes to a compact SUV like the Escape, you want to visit the best dealership in the region, which is The Faricy Boys Ford.

A white 2022 Ford Escape is shown driving through a city.

The Ford Escape Balances Comfort and Convenience in a Compact SUV

There is a segment of vehicles out there that pride themselves on being large, spacious vehicles that are unwieldy on the road but designed for a specific purpose. Not everyone wants a massive moving tank on wheels, though. Some people want something manageable, fuel efficient, functional, comfortable, and compact. A vehicle just large enough to squeeze into a parking space at the grocery store or parallel park in front of your favorite deli. The Ford Escape is that compact SUV, sacrificing nothing in the comfort and convenience department while still being compact and easy to handle on the road.

These are the features that help separate the Ford Escape from some of the competition, being an affordable and highly convenient SUV where you get great interior technology, seating, and cargo capacity all in one. With seating for up to five people across two rows and the ability to take advantage of a standard turbocharged powertrain setup or a hybrid setup for extra savings on fuel, the Escape is designed with a variety of capability options. Plus, with the ability to tow several thousand pounds of cargo, the Escape never compromises on power. The best part about it is that this functionality is done at a fraction of the cost of many of the competitors on the market.

You get lots of great features like a standard infotainment touchscreen with wireless connectivity and Ford's Co-Pilot360 package of driver-assist technology, all without breaking the bank. Combine the compact nature with the expansive cargo volume, roomy passenger space, and safety and infotainment tech, and you have a complete package in the Ford Escape. It's a compact SUV that covers all the basics and then some.

A blue 2022 Ford Escape is shown parked inside a Ford Escape dealer.

Why a Brand New Ford Escape Is Your Best Option

Even though the option to buy used is tempting for many people, buying brand new comes with its own set of benefits. In fact, you can't go wrong with buying a brand-new Ford Escape. Besides the protection you get from Ford's comprehensive warranty programs, you are ensured that a new Escape is equipped with all the latest up-to-date tech, making it one of the best and most reliable midsize SUVs on the market.

But it's not just about reliability; it's also about features. When you buy a brand new Ford Escape, you get a new vehicle off the lot with the latest model year updates and upgrades, and who doesn't want the latest and greatest features? That's another bonus of buying new; you get a compact SUV rich in tech and comfort features. The improvements made to performance, handling, the Ford Sync and Co-Pilot360 systems, and every other feature you enjoy in a Ford vehicle are the latest versions when you buy a brand new Escape. You can also take advantage of the latest powertrain offerings, whether it's a traditional gasoline-powered engine or you're looking to save money at the pump with a hybrid model.
While buying a used model comes with its share of available features, buying new will ensure you have the latest in Ford innovation.

A red 2022 Ford Escape is shown driving on a foggy road.

A Look At Some 2022 Escape Highlights

Coming off the advancements of the 2021 model year, which added features like the hands-free power liftgate to the Technology package, and the traffic-sign recognition and adaptive cruise control to the Ford Co-Pilot360 Plus package, the new model year carries over all of the 2021 advancements with a few new changes for 2022. The biggest new addition is the exterior color options. For 2022, you have an assortment of bold colors like Atlas Blue Metallic, Stone Blue Metallic, and Iced Blue Silver Metallic to choose from for the model year line-up.

The Escape is available in multiple trims as a standard gas-powered SUV and multiple trims, such as a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, for those who would prefer a hybrid compact. Additionally, the SecuriCode keyless-entry system has been made standard on the SEL trim and above, while the addition of the Bang & Olufsen 10-speaker surround sound system with a subwoofer and HD radio has been added as a standard feature to the Titanium Elite trim. What's more is that new cargo organizer options can be installed trim-wide, giving you more ways to store your cargo.

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